dreamingThird Thursday Spiritual Forum

Every night you have a front row seat to the amazing Theater of Your Dreams, showing multiple stories every night for your personal entertainment and enlightenment. Dreams can be frightening, tender, mysterious, or funny (sometimes all at once!), and their meaning for you can be very elusive. Dreams may metaphorically mimic or directly image things deep within you that you feel or believe, and ferreting out that lesson in self-awareness is often not easy or straightforward. But it is worthwhile, as self-knowledge of buried subconscious feelings and beliefs is a key stepping stone to spiritual advancement.

This forum will be both practical– providing useful general guidelines- and experiential -delving into the meaning of specific dreams. Billie Ortiz will provide techniques for helping to remember dreams and elevate them from subliminal to conscious awareness. It is not easy to remember dreams, as like whispers in the night they quickly dissipate. Practical tips, including what to do upon awakening with a dream are presented, including journaling and recording. Interpretation of dreams has inspired mankind throughout the ages and given rise to a variety of schools of thought on dreamwork. Billie will offer discussion of some general pointers on aspects of this vast topic.

The second part of the forum is experiential, with dreams solicited from and described by audience members. Guidance is first given to help members immerse themselves in and experience the dream as “their own”. Discussion and insights arising from the dreamer and the group are often “aha” moments that help the dreamer interpret- possibly on multiple levels- what the dream may mean. These examples of dreamwork will inspire audience members in their own dreamwork journeys. Links to further study and in-depth workshops are given after a question and answer period at the end of the forum.

Where: Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley, 107 E. Geneseo St, Lafayette, CO
When: October 19, 2017; 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
More info: contact Dr. Jay Burch, 720-917-9303, jayburch333@gmail.com
Refreshments will be provided.