April 19: Exploring Meditation and Finding a Fit

Third Thursday Spiritual Forum. April 19, 2018; 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Meditation is a time-honored practice key to developing desirable inner qualities. Confusion can arise because many types of meditation have been developed. In this presentation we first provide a broad overview from eastern, western, religious and secular perspectives, discussing their disparate goals and … More April 19: Exploring Meditation and Finding a Fit

March 15: Silence: The Matrix of Being and Becoming

Some ancient texts provide the perspective that Silence has a three-fold quality of sound to it, both seen and unseen. Yet the connotation of silence in our modern world is a moving away from sound, which can leave us feeling uncertain and at times fearful of cultivating an inner resting into Silence. This presentation will … More March 15: Silence: The Matrix of Being and Becoming

March Outreach: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Donations to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless help to provide clean, comfortable shelter for their residents. The Shelter attempts to provide an array of personal care items as a means for clients to regain and maintain dignity, and as a necessity for those who, in finding their way to an independent and productive life, … More March Outreach: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Practitioner’s Corner: Laurie Lee, RScP

As I was contemplating writing something for the month of February, often associated with Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write something more than a pithy description of what Valentine’s Day’s history has been, or the various definitions of love. I, myself, had had a couple days of heartache and reflection following a family member’s moderately … More Practitioner’s Corner: Laurie Lee, RScP

From My Heart: Rev. Jyoti

Greetings, February.  I love the focus on LOVE in February.  Our theme for the month is Self-Awareness is Not Enough, reminding us of the importance of putting wings on our faith – shining our light and our love out into our families, workplaces, communities, and the world.  Navel gazing is not enough!  Luckily, we are … More From My Heart: Rev. Jyoti

Feb 15: Spiritual Ecology

Third Thursday Spiritual Forum.  February 15, 2018; 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Spiritual Ecology has been defined as “A developing field that joins ecology and environmentalism with the awareness of the sacred within creation. Central to Spiritual Ecology is an understanding of the interdependence and living unity of the ecosystem.” In this Forum we will … More Feb 15: Spiritual Ecology