July: A Precious Child – Fill A Backpack

A Precious Child is devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged and displaced children and families in Colorado by improving their quality of life. We distribute through our 300 Agency Partners in the Denver Metro Area such as schools, health & human services, safe houses, at-risk youth centers, homeless shelters, mental … More July: A Precious Child – Fill A Backpack

June Outreach: Boulder Bridge House

The Boulder Bridge House Ready to Work program: Creating a Culture of Opportunity for Homeless and Low Income Adults Our Ready to Work program is a year-long transition program for formerly homeless men and women where they receive housing, employment, intensive case management, employment classes, computer lab, laundry, showers, meals, really everything they need. We have 44 beds … More June Outreach: Boulder Bridge House

June 21: Deepen Your Self-Love and Compassion

Despite your spiritual work, do you ever find it difficult to show yourself unconditional love?  Do “mud moments”  in your life seem to knock you off your spiritual path?  Maybe there’s unexpected negative energy? Maybe loved ones aren’t on the same path as you? Maybe your inner critic is acting tyrannically? If this sounds like … More June 21: Deepen Your Self-Love and Compassion

From My Heart: Rev. Jyoti

Greetings, Happy June! And Happy Fathers’ Day! What a vital role fathers play. I love talking with some of the dads in our congregation and hearing about how they connected, and continue to connect, with their sons and daughters. Thanks to all who have served in the role of father, dad, grandpa, etc. You make … More From My Heart: Rev. Jyoti

May 17: The Source Within

The universal or macro level of totality is ever-expansive and eternal, encompassing all, from the cosmos to all living beings to the tiniest particle. The reality in which we find ourselves tends to be relative or subjective, a micro view of totality. This presentation takes us on a mystical journey from the macro to the … More May 17: The Source Within