Are you in need of someone to listen? Someone to find help you find peace? Our beloved practitioners are available for prayer support, guidance and inspiration. Contact them after each service or by email.

Each licensed Practitioner has been trained in Science of Mind Spiritual Principles. Knowing and holding the truth of each person through affirmative prayer. Lovingly delivering their words to help each person find the understanding that they are already whole, complete and perfect. Some of our Practitioners offer private Spiritual Guidance Sessions for a fee.


  • James Stallcup, Spiritual Director: james.stallcup @
  • Jim Babcock: smilingbk123 @
  • Barbra Fang Babcock: barbrafangbabcock @
  • Sharon Neely: luvoslo @
  • Kathy Nunemaker: cslbvkathynunemaker @
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