Our Spiritual Leadership

James Stallcup

James Stallcup is a passionate speaker and enthusiastic leader, skills he brings to his position as Spiritual Director. He is a true visionary, seeing the possibilities around him and in others. 

He has been a licensed Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living for over 5 years. However, he had a deeper calling to be a minister which he’s received while attending a class, this calling was a powerful mystical opening for James. James is stepping into his ministry teaching classes, counseling people and creating and presenting inspiring Sunday messages. 

James Stallcup studied psychology and elementary education, has been a Life Coach for over 25 years embracing the teachings of Landmark Education and has been a prolific student of spirituality for 30 years. 

James’s coaching specializes in individuals, couples, and parents and teens, providing a safe and powerfully grounded context for transformation, and has the ability to bring people together to mediate sessions and provide the opportunity for growth. 

James has the gift of honoring all people providing a foundational presence to open to their authentic power, grace and essence. 

We are blessed and honored to have James as our Spiritual Director and to help our community move into this next phase of growth and open to the possibilities available to us, moving into that oneness. 

Come join our community and experience this magic! 

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