We are an inclusive community, striving to break down barriers between people and serving all those who seek spiritual sustenance and clarity.

Come join us for service at 10 o’clock Sunday morning. The service includes words of inspiration offered by our practitioners, inspiring music and always an empowering message. You’ll see people dressed in all styles—from jeans and a T-shirt to suits and dresses. Wear what you feel most comfortable in.

You’ll be welcomed at the door by one of our greeters and asked if you’d like to fill out a name tag.  Your child is welcome to stay with you in the sanctuary, or s/he can spend the hour in the children’s room across the hall.

We begin with music and an affirmative prayer. Together, we’ll say aloud our vision statement, “Inspiring and uplifting every one of us to transform the world.” More music follows, then a reading, some contemplation, and the sermon. Afterwards we’ll pass a basket; you can give money or a blessing as you choose. To give a blessing, open your hand over the basket in a giving motion. Finally, the children come in and show us what they’ve done, and we stand and pronounce our closing benediction:

“I now walk so that whoever walks beside me dwells in the presence of God.
I now listen so that whoever speaks with me knows that I hear the voice of God.
Whoever places a hand in mine is lifted and whoever think of me is illumined with God consciousness
for Spirit and I are One eternally. And so it is.”

Street parking fills up fast; you are welcome to park in the parking lot catty-corner to and across the street from our building.

Come join us! You’ll be glad that you did.