divineFeminineSqIn this juicy Colorado Front Rage month of May, I trust that you’ve noticed the power in ‘your’ tree leafing out, and can identify this same power in you. Here we are in the wonderful arms of this beautiful Mother Earth.

For this message, I confess I found another’s words in a 2014 Huffington Post blog that are wonderful and absolutely appropriate, so I chose to share although the May calendar’s holiday is past. I love that Dennis uses the plural ‘mothers’ rather than the possessive.

The Metaphysics of Mothers Day

By Dennis Merritt Jones

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers.” — Jewish Proverb

While we know that in truth the Infinite One IS indeed everywhere because It is Omnipresence, I have always appreciated the folk wisdom and metaphor as quoted above because it depicts the ineffable character of the Divine Feminine, which is omnipresent, nurturing and sustaining all living things while excluding none. Dr. Ernest Holmes refers to the Feminine Principle as the “Universal Womb of Nature” because as an omnipresent principle operating through all living things it knows how to unconditionally nurture and grow to fruition whatever falls into its embrace. For this reason I believe another term for the Divine Feminine could be “Unconditional Love.” In other words, Infinite Presence as the Divine Feminine is Unconditional Love.

Most all of us have heard and agree with the statement that unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe because it aligns us directly with the highest vibration of the Infinite. Then it would seem logical to say that women are inherently more powerful than men. Why? Because as a rule of thumb women are far more likely to be in touch with their Divine Feminine (which is where Unconditional Love exists as a universal principle) than are men. Note, I did not say women were stronger, more intelligent or important; I said women are simply more powerful. Why? I believe it’s because women have a much easier time accessing their feeling nature, which is where authentic love resides. While this may well fly in the face of many of my brothers out there it is nonetheless true.

The good news is, the Divine Feminine being an omnipresent principle means we men have equal access to it; the problem is we have not been as willing to “go there” because it is generally buried a bit deeper in men and may require some revealing and balancing of our internal energy system and that can be flat out uncomfortable for the average male. I think most men believe that to access the Divine Feminine within means becoming more vulnerable, and for many I suppose it could be. But irrespective of the discomfort it is only in the light of that vulnerability that authentic love fully reveals itself. What I have discovered for myself is that the more willing I am to embrace the Divine Feminine within myself, balancing it with my masculine energy, the more likely I am to live openly in a day-to-day consciousness of unconditional love. For me, beyond the obvious, this is the metaphysical meaning (and purpose) of Mothers Day — celebrating the creative nature of “Nature.”

Yes, first and foremost, Mothers Day can be an opportunity to celebrate our earthly mothers, thanking and honoring them for the amazing job they did in bringing us into the physical world, using the very principle of the Divine Feminine to birth us, unconditionally love and nurture us for so many years and then selflessly launch us on our own spiritual journey into the human experience. No doubt not everyone had such a happy and healthy relationship with their birth mother, which is why it is important to understand their unique relationship the creative principle of life which goes far beyond personalities.

Perhaps equally as important, Mothers Day can be a chance for each of us to consciously reconnect with the principle of the Divine Feminine within ourselves, which is where the true Power Unconditional Love resides, waiting to embrace and nurture us. Celebrate the Divine Feminine this Mothers Day and notice how loved you really are.

Dennis Merritt Jones
Award-winning author, keynote speaker, spiritual mentor

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