Practitioner’s Corner: Laurie Lee

It’s been an interesting few months for me with having a concussion while so many things are going on in my life. Synchronicity always seems to occur in my life, as I had been reading “The Art of Spiritual Healing” by Joel Goldsmith. I love his work and especially the passage  “Spiritual healing is much more than a purely physical or even mental experience: Healing is finding an inner communion with something greater, far greater than anything in the world; it is finding ourselves in God, finding ourselves in a spiritual peace, an inner peace, an Inner Glow, all of which comes to us with the realization of God within us, the presence and power of God felt.”

I have used that statement again and again to go into meditation and feel that inner glow, that inner peace of God felt within, that subtle feeling that my entire body is one of pure energy of God constantly flowing throughout my body and all around me. It seemed easy and natural to tie in my Vipassana breathing and body scanning methods in feeling this Inner Glow, the subtle energy going up and down my body from the top of my head to my feet and back again.

The other part that seem natural to bring into this meditation practice was to do a 5-step treatment or Affirmative Prayer as I was feeling any one of the above sensations. Goldsmith speaks of “adverse conditions and disease as unreal”, not that we deny the existence of these things but we deny their existence as a part of God or reality. Goldsmith states “The beginning of wisdom is the realization that these conditions need not exist, through seeking God and rising to that dimension of life in which only God is, we have freedom, true freedom in spirit.” What someone mentioned in our meditation group, and Goldsmith and the Buddha declare is that any of these adverse conditions whether they’re illnesses or whatever, if it is not for eternity, it is not part of our Truth, our true reality which is only those things that are Eternal.

As I reflect on these statements throughout the day, I am able to let go and appreciate reality for what it is, whether it is just a fleeting appearance of some condition or the higher presence of God being manifested. I feel so blessed to be exposed to these teachings, the meditative practice, the beauty of this world, and so much more. Amen.

Laurie Lee, RScP

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