From My Heart: Reverend Jyoti


Sunday mornings at Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley have been SO joyous lately. I love the energy and excitement of new people showing up and some returning who have been away for a while. I love the way people stay after service to visit and chat and CONNECT. Our community is slowly growing in num-bers, yet keeping the wonderful energy of connection and caring community. And what a delight it was for Mary and I to have so many of you come to our Open House – our home was blessed by your presence!

Our CSL theme for August is Beauty, Nature, Art and Aesthetics. To hear Dr. Kenn Gordon, Centers for Spiritual Living Spiritual Leader, speak about this month’s theme, go to We know that Spirit is always seeking fuller expression through each of us and through all of nature. We feed our souls when we take time to appreciate the beauty of nature and we feed our souls when we allow the amazing creativ-ity of Spirit to flow through us in ways that we enjoy.

What do you enjoy? What do you love to do? I believe in ser-vice coming from and being done in joy. If you think you might like to serve in some way within CSL Boulder Valley, like setting up for potluck, greeting, working with kids on Sunday mornings, or running the camera or the slide projector, let me know and you can give it a try. It’s not a lifetime commitment. If it doesn’t feel joyous and right for you, you can TRUST that something else will, and that someone else’s heart will sing doing the job that isn’t a good fit for you. You will be amazed at the joy that comes from serving this amazing spiritual community. Thanks to all of you, we continue to grow and prosper.

Last month CSL Boulder Valley received a grant from the Hef-ferlin Foundation to purchase sound equipment for our sanctuary and a new printer for our office, to go with a laptop that has been donated. We continue to be open to Spirit concerning larger space for our growing community, knowing that the Universe is orchestrating everything needed for our evolution. We are SO blessed!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings! Journey joy-fully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!

Love, Reverend Jyoti

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