CSL Boulder Valley has a tag line — “Love Lives Here” — but it is more than our slogan. We want everyone who comes in contact with our community to feel our love and support. Even if a visitor comes only once, they know that we are here if and when they need us.

As we prepare to make important changes to accommodate our growth, the board is keeping “Love Lives Here” in our consciousness and our awareness.

Starting next Sunday, you will see immediate changes to the organization of the sanctuary. We want to increase our seating so that more people can be comfortable during the service. The reorganization means that everyone will have to adopt a new favorite seating area. Please be brave as we all adapt to the new seating arrangement. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve the new layout.

Beside changing the organization of the chairs, we will be adding a larger screen so that everyone will have access to the words and graphics shown during the service.

These new changes are meant to be temporary. We are still looking for our new space. We are eager for the Universe to reveal to us our new Center home.

Be open to helping us locate this new building within our chosen area. Allow Spirit to inspire you as you notice locations that cross your path. Mention to either Rev. Jyoti or Rev. Lea or any of the board members any suggestions or ideas you have for our new home location.

Even though we are making changes now. All of these changes will be portable so that they can be transferred to our new space.

That new space will accommodate all of our needs and wishes AND be our new home where “Love Lives Here”.

Blessings, Sandy Rinehart