Hello Beloved Community,

I just finished my 5th week on the job as the Senior Minister. As I said on Sunday, this is truly the best job I’ve ever had in my life. I feel incredibly blessed to be in this role and to be serving CSL Boulder Valley. I’m also very aware that many of you may still be grieving the absence of Rev. Jyoti. I have many of the beautiful hearts she made in my meditation room at home. I think of her often and all that she brought to our Center.

Grief is a journey of the heart and it’s a process that takes however long it takes. If you’re feeling grief and sadness, allow yourself to feel it, as that’s the only way it can move through you. And know that our amazing practitioners are available if you need support, guidance, or just a hug.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Community Visioning process. We’ve received a lot of great ideas and although we won’t be able to implement everything, it helps us to know what is needed in order for us to grow. We’ll be emailing out the questions for those who weren’t able to participate in person. I’m excited to sit down with the board and go through all of the ideas and feedback that everyone has shared. In the coming weeks we’ll share with the community what our next steps will be. Stay tuned!

As we move closer to the holidays, all of our lives become busier and more hectic. Remember to breathe and to continue your spiritual practices to help keep you grounded and in your heart. Know that the beauty of the divine lives within you, around you, and for you… always. It is closer to you than your own breath. During moments of stress, practice breathing in and out through your heart, expanding the divine light within you. Let it fill your being and envelop you with the energy of peace.

Much love and infinite gratitude,

Rev. Lea