Practitioner’s Corner: Laurie Lee, RScP

As I was contemplating writing something for the month of February, often associated with Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write something more than a pithy description of what Valentine’s Day’s history has been, or the various definitions of love. I, myself, had had a couple days of heartache and reflection following a family member’s moderately … More Practitioner’s Corner: Laurie Lee, RScP

From My Heart: Rev. Jyoti

Greetings, February.  I love the focus on LOVE in February.  Our theme for the month is Self-Awareness is Not Enough, reminding us of the importance of putting wings on our faith – shining our light and our love out into our families, workplaces, communities, and the world.  Navel gazing is not enough!  Luckily, we are … More From My Heart: Rev. Jyoti