The energy that we put out, is the same energy that we receive in return. It’s important therefore, to pay attention to what we are putting out into the world, whether that’s love, compassion, and peace, or frustration, anger, and judgment. The energy always returns to us, whether it’s positive or negative. This is a fundamental principle and one of the laws of the Universe.

When we’re frustrated by something not working in our life, we often spend more time focusing on what we don’t want or what is missing than what we do want. We find ourselves in situations where we desperately want something to change in our lives and then we spend hours, days, weeks, and even longer ruminating on the very thing we don’t want.

What we focus on expands. If we’re focused on what’s missing in our life; what’s not working or what we’re frustrated about, then we will receive more of the very thing we don’t want. We think by saying we don’t want something, that we can draw to ourselves what we want but the opposite is true. Wherever we place our dominant energy, this is what shows up in our life. What manifests in our life is a direct reflection of what we are holding within. The outside reflects the inside.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Are you holding the energy of love, peace, abundance, and joy or are you holding the energy of resistance, fear, and lack? It’s important to know that like attracts like. This is the law at work and is true for all, no matter who we are.

Knowing this, we have a choice as to what we focus on. What would you like your life to be filled with? More joy? More freedom? More health? More abundance? More love? What energy would you like to receive more of in your life? What would bring you the most joy and happiness? Shift your energy from what you don’t want to what you do want and watch how the Universe will bring you your greatest desires and more joy than you could ever imagine!


I choose to focus on what I desire, knowing that it returns to me multiplied.


There is only one God, one divine force of love and life that is contained within all things, all situations, and all beings. This divine intelligence is the very energy contained within me, as I am an individualized expression of God. And as I know this for myself, I know this for all beings. I know that every person across this planet is blessed with the spark of divine light that is God. It is who they are. And as such, nothing is impossible in the mind and heart of God.

I’m knowing right here, right now that every person, every being is drawing to them an abundance of blessings, including love, peace, joy, and financial good. Each person is a magnet, attracting to them all that they desire and more. We live in an abundant Universe and therefore, God is willing to give to each and every person all that they need that will bring them great joy and happiness. There are no limitations in God. God gives freely to all without pause, without prejudice.

And so I give thanks for divine expression of God working through every person, guiding each one to recognize the power of their thoughts, showing them what they need to shift their thoughts from resistance and fear to peace and joy. I give thanks for all of the beautiful manifestations taking place in people’s lives, knowing that God is in all of it.

I release this word into the law of love and creation, where no limitations exist, as God always says yes.

And so it is!

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