Service through volunteering is an important step in your own personnel spiritual growth.  I didn’t realize that during the 18 years that I went to a large church.  I took classes and even joined some of the small groups but, basically, I was able to hide in the seats. Some people knew me by sight but they didn’t know my name. I liked it like that. Being invisible.

My life changes brought me to a small spiritual center in Thornton and I began to volunteer because there was a need I could fill.  I found as I continued to volunteer that my spiritual growth, which had stalled, began to flourish.  As I gave through my volunteering and service, I began to receive more and more and my life became fuller. It was an unexpected side effect. When I decided to move to the Lafayette center, I continued to volunteer.

Like any other Center, CSLBV has lots of tasks that need to be done – most behind the scenes. Many of the tasks can be done by any volunteer and we would be glad if you took this challenge to share your gifts and talents — and have a good time doing it.  We have several openings for volunteers, and are especially looking for help in the area of marketing. But if you have special talents or expertise in other areas, we can easily create the perfect job for you.

Speak to any of our wonderful volunteers and they will say they receive more than they give.  Consider this challenge to step up and volunteer.  See how it will affect your life. It really affected mine.

Sandy Rinehart
Board Member at Large

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