One of the things I like about August is the abundance of fresh produce that’s available.  I just love going out to the Earth Boxes on the deck to pick lunch!  And of course, here in Colorado we have the yummy peaches and melons from the Farmers’ Markets.  We live in such an abundant world that’s all God – in all It’s unique and delicious forms.  It makes it so easy to focus on gratitude.  I’m blessed with my sweet wife Mary, good health, prosperity, and the wonderful spiritual community known as CSL Boulder Valley.  (That’s just the beginning of a very long list!)

It’s been a great month at CSLBV, with a powerful Tibetan Bowl Event, Tim Hamm’s practical and informative workshop, and some wonderful music on Sundays.  Stay tuned for more great music as we now have Karen Karsh as our Music Director.  I am excited to see what unfolds.  And our Celebration Hall looks great with the new art.  Thanks to the team that made that happen!

Our August theme is Love, Compassion, and Caring and we’ll be exploring ways to express that love, compassion, and caring for ourselves, others, and the world.  There is so much power in remembering that all people, all beings, want happiness and freedom from suffering.  And since each one is an expression of the Divine, our opportunity (and sometimes our challenge) is to grow in love and compassion, remembering that we have come to this planet at this time to hold the vision and do what’s ours to do to create a world that works for everyone and for all of life.  With all that’s happening in our country and in the world, we certainly have opportunities.

Coming up in August we have a concert on Friday, August 4th and a workshop on August 13th.  On the evening of August 4th, Tim Hamm and Jeff Williams will be at the Center making their wonderful music.  Tim will be doing a lot of the music from his new CD that will be available soon.  And I hope you’ll join me on August 13th in learning some new and much-needed communication skills in Rev. Gregory Toole’s workshop.

In September we’ll hold new member classes, so if you’re not yet a member and are ready to make a commitment to your spiritual deepening, stay tuned.

I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons, except August 17th when Mary and I will be at CSL’s Summer SOAR retreat.  I’m also in the office at other times by appointment, so feel free to call if you’d like to come in to share your ideas, or for support or prayer.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings!

Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!

Love, Rev. Jyoti

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