What is a Breakthrough?

Breakthroughs can be desirable or undesirable. You can have breakthrough pain or you might break through the ice on a lake in the winter neither of which is desirable. You can be working on a math problem and have a breakthrough or trying to determine the cure for a specific type of cancer and have a breakthrough, both of which are desirable. What is a spiritual breakthrough? Is it when you finally start to understand a spiritual principle? Is it when you finally start using a spiritual principle in your life? Or is it when you find yourself one step or one layer deeper in your depth of being one with God?

I think that all of the above are true. Each one, as with all of life’s problems and ecstasies are, as Goldsmith says, “Neither good nor bad, just is”. The real truth is much deeper and simpler, the real truth is that there is only God. We are here as expressions of God. We are here to experience this life. We are more than our physical or emotional states. We are as God created us. One with each other and One with God. It is a breakthrough to come to know this within your heart and soul. To know this with every breath and every step and every word.

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