Breaking Through

For me, a breakthrough is an aha, an insight, a change in perspective, something I couldn’t see before, but now I do. The key is the word through. Many things we dream of in our lives require us to move through something to get to what or where we want to be, to the other side.

Going around is not an option.

Going through. Breaking Through some barrier.

These barriers we have put in place. Our limiting beliefs that “I can’t do that”, “I’m not good enough”, “it seems so far away”.

“Those who create breakthroughs know ‘what you focus one expands’ and where their ‘attention goes, energy will flow’ to assist them on their path to a breakthrough.” ~ Chris Natzke, in Breaking Through

So if we focus on the “I can’t” you’ll never breakthrough that barrier. Instead, focus on the prize. Focus on the Dream with all its lusciousness. Pull you vision into your heart, and hold it close. It will not feel so far away.

And the next step will appear, or a person to help you, and inspiration that shifts and you’ll breakthrough. I Believe I CAN do it!

And you will awaken to the possibilities.

“Your vision will become clear
Only when you can look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams;
Who looks inside, awakes.”
~ Carl Jung

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