We are Mystics

All humans, at our core, are mystics! Sometimes the layers and patterns from our past get in the way of this. When we do our work and set boundaries, heal our own internal challenges and be a stand for other people’s greatness, that shift from “I” to “we” starts to flow and move through us.

Mystics down through the ages have talked about how there is a transformational process that takes place when we move our attention from just “me” to the paradigm of “Thee.”

When we just have our attention on ourselves, our place of judgment or ego, pretty much runs the show. As we stretch and embrace practices like Sacred Service in contributing to our community, family and the planet, our world view and the possibilities that are available to us, crack open and our quality of life gets better and better! This shift opens the door to our mysticism!

James Stallcup, RScP

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