What We Believe or the Declaration of Principles

  • We believe in the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-kindness and the eternal Givingness of Life to All.
  • All the good in the Universe has already been given and is waiting to be discovered
  • As goodness is realized, discord disappears.

Ernest Holmes felt that one’s true essence is Goodness, Wholeness, and Truth, and that people operate within a law of nature which is impersonal. No one can rob us of our own soul, and our spirit is already one with the Eternal Goodness. One of the background patterns that humans take on in this culture is being resigned and cynical. This is a “go-to” way of being. Often times this is deep programming from family, religion, and schooling.

We often carry around this dense energy in a “metaphorical back pack.” Murphy’s Law, (anything that can go wrong will go wrong), feeds into this. Having a practice of embracing the principles of Centers For Spiritual Living, and living our life from them, is a beautiful way to reprogram and invite forward our internal Sacredness!

James Stallcup, RScP

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