Supporting LGBTQ+

Let’s talk about how we can support LGBTQ+ folks. Let’s talk about how we can be responsible for our perceptions and judgments and maybe how we can stretch a little, and say yes to some new language and new ways of being.

Talking about gender identity can feel taboo, or a topic that is better left ignored. Being upfront with people and just asking them what their pronouns are can be extraordinarily honoring.

Using the wrong pronouns or other gendered language for someone, is called misgendering. Using a previous name of a nonbinary person is often called deadnaming.

Mis-gendering or dead-naming someone can make them feel disrespected or invalidated. It’s extremely common to make mistakes as we’re going through this learning curve of practicing new language, labels and gender identities. Be real, if you make a mistake apologize and ask the person what name and pronouns they’re comfortable with.

We honor and welcome all people and these shifts in embracing new language does just that

James Stallcup, RScP

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