Want to Change Your Life? Start with Love

Love. In many ways indescribable and difficult to define.  We can’t see or touch love, but we recognize it when we feel it. 

Rather than something you do or say, love is a state of being. Love is the underlying energy behind all aspects of the Divine. Love is the core, the pure essence of our light. 

If you are struggling in an area of life, take a moment and examine where or how you can add love to the experience. Love is one of the most powerful of energies to play with because love is the energy of God. 

I don’t say this flippantly in an attempt to simplify difficult situations and experiences. We don’t just tap our heels and think “love, love, love” and all the ills of the world are cured. 

With that said, know that love IS the energy of God. God, or “Source,” is the place from which everything else flows. Whether you seek abundance or peace or perfect health, know that these qualities flow on the energy of love. Love comes first. 

Take a moment and think about your life. Where can you bring more love into your life? Are you involved in an unpleasant situation? Perhaps with certain people? Do you have a body part that aches? A computer that keeps breaking or internet service that works sporadically?  Rather than complaining and focusing on what’s wrong, direct your focus towards loving and accepting what is and the state of being that you desire it to expand into. 

In the example of the intermittent internet service, rather than cussing out the internet service provider, your computer and everything associated with technology, breathe. Consciously bring yourself to the vibration of love, and then take steps to correct the issue. Call the service provider and be kind. Visualize clean and working cables, connections and service. Take corrective action to fix the problem and do it from a “beingness” of love. 

This same technique works with people, too. Rather than struggling in a difficult relationship, take a step back and visualize an energy of love flowing between the two of you. Choose to have every interaction step from a beingness of love. 

Cultivating love in your spiritual practice

Living a life filled with love starts with cultivating a spirit of love in yourself first. Internalize love as an energy that emanates from within you. See and feel it, as a light in the very center of your body, and then visualize it expanding. Expand to encompass your entire physical body, from the inside out. Then see the love extending from your body to other people, places and things. 

Be love. Come from the place of the vibration of love in all interactions, decisions, and thoughts. Start your day off with meditation and put yourself in the mindset of love. Tap into your connectedness to others knowing love, sending love, receiving love from all. CSL Boulder Valley also offers a monthly meditation the first Wednesday of every month that may help you doing this on your own. 

If you want to change any aspect of your life, start with bringing more love into it.  

Kelly Robbins, RScP

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