Thursday Dec 20: Resounding Spirit Within Yourself

Music and sound can have a multifaceted impact on our health and well-being as humans. Every dimension of a person’s being can be affected in some way by music and sound. However, one dimension of being that is roused in a profound way by music and sound is the spiritual. Whether by listening to it or by actively creating it, engaging with music and sound can connect you with experiences of the numinous or transpersonal. Such experiences allow for personal healing, clarity, and developing a greater sense of who you are and where you belong in the world. This experiential workshop invites you to engage with different music and sound-based activities in order to help you rouse, connect with, and express your inner spirit. Activities include guided meditation with music, voicework and singing, and percussion. Give yourself permission to experience your true Self through music. More info:

Third Thursday Spiritual Forum
Nov. 15, 2018; 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley
107 E. Geneseo St, Lafayette, CO

Presenter Biography: Faith Halverson-Ramos is a Licensed Professional Counselor and board-certified music therapist who owns and operates SoundWell Music Therapy, a community mental health music therapy practice in Longmont. A classically-trained vocalist, Faith received her MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a Music Therapy focus from Naropa University. Faith’s diverse professional experiences encompass the entire lifespan, working with early childhood education programs, K-12 schools, residential treatment centers, assisted living communities, and in-home hospice care. Faith presents nationally and internationally on the topics of music as a mindfulness practice, spiritual development through music, and healthy aging and music. More information about Faith and her work can be found at:

Third Thursday Spiritual Forums present mind-broadening and spirit-enriching topics every month. For further information, contact Dr. Jay Burch (phone 720-917-9303, or email:

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