From the Board: Linda Williamson

Hello in this season of Gratitude! Well actually, gratitude is for all the time and now especially since the holiday season is here.

More than a few of us attended Rev. Jyoti’s and Rev. Lea’s ordination and installation, respectively. These two have now publicly surrendered into spirit and the calling to serve! Many ministers were in attendance and shared words of wisdom and words from the Heart. Dr. Roger Teel asked each Jyoti and Lea questions that were answered with evident respect, passion, devotion and joy. It was an amazing ceremony.

I had never witnessed an ordination before. It was sweeter than a sacred marriage. I know this is the beginning for us all in finding what is good, beautiful and true. Congratulations to our two Reverends!

November’s other happenings: The 2nd Wednesday movie night shared determination, humility and faith about building a church, in ‘Lillies of the Field’ with Sidney Portier. Good timing since that’s exactly where we’re at… Thank you Pat Brazee for monthly sharing Affinity’s theater with us!

The 3rd Thursday Spiritual Forum by Dr. Jay Burch was presented by Karen van Vurren about our choices at death. Karen and her partners will be opening ‘’ right here in old town Lafayette soon. As always, the talk was mind-broadening and spirit-enriching. Thank you Jay!

A few Sundays ago we were blessed with nine children, which showed us the need to swap the office back to the smaller space, giving Carole the room she needs for the kids. We had a cleaning/moving day last Saturday and are now ready for future kids in the perfect space. Keep ‘em coming!

And please join us at the Center this Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve, for our annual Gratitude bouquet ceremony. It’s an amazing segue to all the coming holidays.

My last pearls of wisdom have to do with – you guessed it – gratitude. First thing in the morning I set three intentions for today and remember five things I was grateful for yesterday, in writing. Still, sometimes I have to remind myself ‘I’ve never had it so good and the best is yet to come’. This stuff really works!

The CSL-BV BOT thanks you for all you do and all you’re about to do.

Love & Light
Linda Williamson

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