LightShiningSociety often defines Empowerment as: “authority or power given to someone to do something”. This suggests that a person becomes empowered by something outside of themselves, that it is something given to them by another person. We often hear about being empowered by our job or by a crowd that is listening to a speaker. Maybe empowered by a title that a person was born with or a college degree. There are many ways that a person can become empowered by outside forces. However, often that feeling of empowerment is fleeting. Once a job is lost or the crowds go away, the person is left feeling disempowered. Some experience the feeling of “not good enough” or that they are really a “fake”. This swing can feel extreme.

However, there is another type of empowerment: Moving away from needing “the tribe” to feel empowered and turning within to realize true, lasting empowerment. When a person moves into internal empowerment they actually experience a deeper spiritual relationship with God. A deep awareness of their place with God, the God within, around and through them. A true knowing of their divine self. This is empowerment that is sustainable. This is what brings true liberation, true freedom.

The internal self

This turning into the internal self and finding that true empowerment takes dedication. It is easy to become distracted and forget about the divine self. Taking the time daily for developing a deeper spiritual connection takes work. Connecting with this universal spirit, the divine self, is worth the time spent.

There are many daily spiritual practices that take a person deeper into this divine space. Prayer, meditation, reading and journaling are a few of those practices. Relax, a person doesn’t have to do all of it everyday! One practice each day makes a difference. Putting any of these spiritual practices into a daily routine is as important as daily exercise and good nutrition. And it only takes a few days to know that it is impacting your everyday life.


Prayer can be easy and can be done in multiple ways. A quick prayer of gratitude or trust throughout the day can settle a person into their center. Sometimes, a longer prayer in a quiet space that acknowledges the vastness of spirit and recognizes our part in this universe can do wonders to help us embrace a sense of empowerment. A quick “check-in” prayer can be done at anytime, especially when you are feeling out of sync with a person or situation. Prayers can be spoken out loud or to yourself — this is a personal choice and lifestyle that also connects us with the oneness and makes us unique. Understanding Spiritual Principles can also help with prayer. Knowing the Principles and praying around each principle is an amazing form of prayer. Our Foundations of Science of Mind class (our next one begins in September) can be an amazing place to learn and understand Spiritual Principles as well as get in touch with your deeper knowing.


There are many ways to meditate. Often a person finds one that fits for them and will meditate daily with this specific type of meditation for years. Some find it better to use a different meditation according to their day or their needs at the moment. If you do not know which type of meditation works best for you, or you want to learn about a variety of forms of meditation, a Meditation Course led by Rev. Lea Alvarado begins June 25th or our monthly Meditation for Peace on the first Wednesday of the month may be perfect options for you.

Reading, journaling, art

Other ways to connect with spirit and with your divine self which brings internal empowerment might be reading text that takes you deeper into contemplation, journaling your thoughts or events of the day, chanting, singing, theater, and art. On Sunday, June 30th, after the potluck, practitioner Kimberley Brown is bringing her amazing workshop called Art from the Heart to CSL Boulder Valley. Through contemplation, intention, and abstract act, her workshop takes a person deep into their spiritual process and joy. Register by emailing or by calling 303-523-6062.

Whatever you decide to do, bringing a spiritual practice into your daily regimen will help you find an inner empowerment that impacts all areas of your life.

Kathy Nunemaker, RScP

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