Practitioner’s Corner: Jim Babcock

A Path to Peace. 

Peace in our time. That is something I think everyone can get behind. Peace begins within by taking personal responsibility for the well-being of each other in the face enormous difficulties. You must engage in a quest for unarmed truth, when the condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak.  You must look through the lens of weak and vulnerable. It doesn’t matter what color, what culture, what sexual orientation, you must try to get outside of yourself. Moving outside yourself is to engage in a quest for unconditional love. That is how we can all transform this planet to a world of peace.

Peace is an inner process that blossoms into ripe fruit in which everyone can partake. As we look within in our prayers, meditations, and studies, we come to a still peaceful place where the connection to the Divine moves through all of our experiences. The stronger we feel this expression of God in every moment of our life, the more become the embodiment of peace and a beacon for all who are working for all. We must have faith in ourselves and in God to create an everlasting peace.

Dr. Martin Luther King was a perfect example of this. No matter what was going on for Dr. King, in his personal or public life, he continued to step into the unknown based on a simple idea, his faith. He was called into this struggle and no matter where it led him, Dr. King reflected the light of God on any situation that created inequity whether in the area of materialism, racism, or the military industrial complex. Wherever there was a sense of imbalance where people were at a disadvantage or people were being killed in war, Dr. King shined a light on it through his words and actions. He was relentless! Love! Love! Love!

As I read these words again, I see God in everything everywhere. A beauty so profound it liberates the soul. A light shining within each one of us, connecting us heart to heart. The peace I find with is spread joyously to every corner of darkness, lighting the way for all to partake in the glory of the Divine through a never-ending love. I let peace warm my heart and say thank you to everyone everywhere as we join together on this path of peace. And so it!

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