Dear Friends,

In our growing process, the Board of Trustees and the Ecclesiastical Team have found it necessary to make a couple of adjustments – small steps that might seem to be backwards, but that are in reality, part of the evolution moving us continuously forward.

In particular, we have decided to temporarily scale back the youth program. We will have a paid child care worker available on Sunday mornings for crafts and play. It is our intention that more kids will show up, just because it’s so fun! Then, we can gradually move towards our long-term vision of a complete, staffed youth program teaching Science of Mind principles to our very youngest minds and hearts.

Sadly, along the same lines, our Teen Program has also been put into a holding pattern for now. That’s because our very beloved members, David and Rebecca LeNoble, have decided to move their work back to Mile Hi Church, where the pond is bigger and the current program more vibrant with enthusiastic and energetic teens. I absolutely respect their decision and know that they are doing what they feel called to do. I know that the Mile Hi community will benefit greatly from their work, and that many teen lives will be touched and blessed by the presence. I’m also a little sad.

Then, I remember though, the gifts that Zemirah and the LeNobles have brought to Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley. Because even though these two programs have been sidelined for now, the door has cracked open on our awareness. We have seen and felt what it means to have youth, to have teens, and to have program directors deeply passionate about the work they do. For that awareness, and for the consciousness that I have witnessed (and I am affirming that some of it has rubbed off on me!), I am exceedingly grateful.

So, please join me in recognizing that growth is not a linear process. And that once something becomes “known,” although it may be forgotten for a while, it cannot be “unknown.” I am grateful for the growth process, in all its curvy glory.

We have come so far in the past year and a half. Let’s continue to hold that progress in our hearts, and our vision of what we are becoming in our minds.

Love and light,

Laura L. McGee, RScP
President, Board of Trustees

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