leaSquareWinter Solstice coming up on December 21st is the darkest day of the year, as it’s the day with the smallest amount of sunlight. The days and weeks leading up to Winter Solstice get shorter and shorter as the darkness replaces the light. Once Winter Solstice takes place however, a shift happens – the light begins to replace the darkness. Although there may still be many cold snowy days, the days begin to get longer, as more sun gradually finds its way to us.

The darkness is a necessary part of the cycle that our solar system goes through. The darkness allows trees, plants, and flowers to either return to the earth or go into a state of dormancy.  It’s all part of the balance of birth and death. And as in life, sometimes we have to experience the darkness before we can move into the light. Sometimes something has to die or be released within us before something new can arise. The wintertime provides us opportunities to get quiet, reflect, and go within. In this “dormant” state, we can discover what needs to be released so that the new can be born within us.

The darkness isn’t something to fear but rather, something to embrace. Just as it is part of the dance of the sun and the earth, it is also part of our own dance; the dance between darkness and light and is an important part of our expansion and growth. If we didn’t experience the darkness, we would never fully appreciate the light when it begins to show itself.

This is indeed the Season of Light as we see beautiful Christmas lights wherever we go but it is more than simply lights strewn across a tree. The beautiful lights that we see in our neighborhoods this time of year represent the amazing light that is within each of us that shines through the darkness. Whatever darkness we are experiencing, the light is always there, shining brightly, helping us shed that which no longer serves us and reminding us of our divinity.

Know that this light is within you always and that it is guiding you every step of your journey this holiday season and beyond. Have the courage to embrace the darkness, acknowledging it for all that it is bringing to you, as it is your pathway to the light.

Affirmation: As I let go of the darkness, I move into the light and allow the Divine light with me to shine forth, illuminating the beautiful path before me.

Treatment: There is one God, one life, one power and this unending force of grace, light, and love is contained within all things, all beings, and all situations. And as such, there can never be any separation as we are one with this divine source of life. Its light is our light. The divine is contained within every breath. It is the source of our being and our life.  And this presence, this power, is guiding us through the darkness to the other side. It is providing us exactly what we need on every level – physically, emotionally, and mentally. This power that God is works through each of us to show us all that needs to be released and healed, so that we can step fully into the light that we are. And as we step fully into that God given power within us, we allow this divine light to guide us and to support us. We are this light, therefore, there can never be any separation between us and the divine. We are the light that God is and as such, there is nothing that we cannot do or overcome. I give thanks for knowing this truth and I declare it to be so. I give thanks for God’s guidance, knowing that the darkness is a gift and I embrace all that is given to me. I release this into the Law knowing it

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