As we approach the holidays, there are many opportunities to be grateful and those opportunities quite often include our families of origin. Does the thought of getting together with your family give you warm fuzzies or make you feel uncomfortable? I know that during the holidays many families gather to share their love and somehow the accumulated stories that shaped us into the beings we are become a liability as we let ideas of others define us without really knowing who we are.

In my life there have been many changes in how I am with my family during the holidays and other times. I remember growing up there was always lots of love and with that love came many expectations. My family had a tradition for all gatherings. We would literally eat until we were so full that we almost entered a coma. Not only did we do this in the morning, we did it all day long. It was like a competition and being very competitive, I was really good at eating more than anyone else.

As I became more self-aware and confident in who I was, I shifted away from my family’s patterns. As I started eating less and taking care of myself, there were subtle ideas being repeated to get me to go back to what I used to do. It was suggested that I didn’t like different dishes or I was being stubborn but the real kicker was being told, ‘you don’t want to hurt your aunt’s feelings. She worked really hard to make that for you.’ Finding the ability to not be attached to what everyone else thought gave me the freedom to take care of myself and still love my whole family.

I am happy, healthy and whole. I am in the Divine flow of life; loving myself and all others. This freedom comes from letting go and letting God. I recognize Spirit within and let it guide me in all things. I bless my family and honor myself knowing that God is helping to shift everyone to be happy, healthy and whole. My love overflows as I relax into the Divine flow that brings us all together. For the intuitive knowing of my Truth I am ever so grateful. I rest in this knowing that all the work is already done. And so it is!

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