A belated Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Many of us can’t even imagine what that really means, so thank you for showing us. Your selflessness is inspiring.

Thank you Rev. Jyoti. I know she would say many hands make light work but, I want to thank Rev. Jyoti DeVernie for being the spiritual leader of our center. Pretty good job so far, don’t you think?

Thank all of you in advance for letting me know of your talents, skills, and resources, and professional services that you are willing to share with the community. I am building a list of CSL-BV member’s resources. Please email lindawmson@gmail.com or call/text 720.244.0269 with your specialties. Let me know if you: speak a foreign language? are a tattoo artist? construction skills? good at sewing? dog groomer? can stand on your head and spit quarters? I know we have unlimited talent in this group, please let me know yours.

Now, for a story. Way back in the 1900s, I was invited to a Native American friend’s home in the Taos Pueblo for Feast of San Geronimo, one of first of many future trips to New Mexico. The feast involves many things behind the scenes, days and nights before and after and then on Feast Day food is served to the many visiting friends and family that organically rotate through the home and eat their fill. All during the entire day people come and go. A seat at the table is not empty for long and bowls of amazing flavors are constantly refilled in the kitchen, brought to the table and passed and shared. There is a plate to feed the ancestors.

New at this and being the only white person, I watched and ate at the table while the visiting and sharing went on around me. Nourishment. One man finished eating, quietly stood and pushed his chair back under the table and said out loud somewhat to the table yet to no one in particular “Thank You” and turned and left.  It was humble and at the same time an immense and deep thanks-giving, all encompassing, limitless, wide open and all inclusive.. It left such an impression on me. The gratitude in his ‘thank you’ and delivering it seemingly to the air, was something I had never seen or felt before. It was huge. It was truly a spiritual thank you…for everything…

This stayed with me and I’ve never forgotten his giving thanks. The importance of the food, community, spirituality, the giving and receiving from that day – all is felt to this day. Lesson learned. It was wonderful and awe inspiring on that day so many years ago. And it still is.

We hope to see you at CSL-BV’s traditional Thanksgiving Eve Service.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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