Thursday Nov. 16: Forgiveness: The Ultimate Revenge

Third Thursday Spiritual Forum

Forgiveness is a crucial part of healing oneself of the trauma from abuse. We may sense the necessity of forgiveness but feel helpless in how to overcome the ensuing deep-set physical, emotional and psychological damage.

Jack Lavino experienced abuse at a young age, which led to much suffering but also provided him the opportunity to heal and to develop concrete approaches to heal and forgive. Jack will go through the nine steps of forgiveness that he developed that ultimately lead to compassion for the abuser.

The steps to forgiveness and compassion provide a practical means to address abuse and addiction, but involve timeless spiritual truths of value to all spiritual seekers. Jack Lavino, M.A., ICADC is a licensed counselor in Boulder specializing in forgiveness and overcoming addiction. He is working on a book on forgiveness with the same title as this presentation.

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