Practitioner’s Corner: Kathy Nunemaker

It seems to happen every year for me. September comes and I am determined to be organized before November. Then the busyness of the fall carries me into November without the preparation I had envisioned. If we choose to listen to all the busyness of the holiday season, we can become overwhelmed, depressed or anxious very quickly. We all have heard that the holidays are a time to be thankful, but how do we choose to be thankful. Do we “push” to put on the perfect Thanksgiving dinner in the perfectly cleaned and decorated house? And “pushing” to find the presents for our loved ones? Or do we find ourselves alone and wanting to be even more alone by isolating ourselves in our homes? We also have heard that the real message of the holidays is not buying “things” and overdoing activities. But what can we do to bring the real message of the holidays into our lives? First of all, I have to consider what is the real message and what does it mean to me. I know it has something to do with Peace and Love and Connection.

Starting with Connection, I think of God and am very thankful for my connection with God. I know that God Connection is what connects me to everything and everyone. It does connect me to my family and friends and also strangers that I meet at the store or on walks. It also connects me to those I have never met or seen, those across the country and those in my neighborhood and those having fabulous trips and those hurting from loosing their homes in the California fires and those who are hungry and those who are well fed, and the animals that we share this planet with and the plants and the air and the water and so much more. Those thoughts bring me into great gratitude, feeling the God Love and bringing Peace to my thoughts.

Then I realized that I forgot to acknowledge an important person. Myself. The God in me is connected to all of life and I am responsible for the temple I have been given for this lifetime. Taking care of myself and being in gratitude for my being brings into the consciousness of the God Connection, self care for all. I do know that setting up a system for self care in this busy time helps make it easier to get it done. First setting an intention which is personal with each person. Either Physical, Mental or Spiritual or some of each.

Setting my intention: My health is radiant and I am peaceful, remembering the God presence during all activities in my day. Once this intention is set, then recognizing what thoughts and activities will serve and support this intention. They might include one or more of the following or something else:

Physical: Stretches,yoga, walks, Tai Chi, gym, swimming, biking, rest, breathing…
Mental: a new thought book, journaling, meditation, daily readings, church…
Spiritual: Prayer, meditation, meditative walks, journaling, yoga, readings, church, breathing…

Then picking the time of day that works best. Perhaps starting the day with prayer, meditation, journaling (or just one) then taking a walk over the lunch hour and yoga before bed. Pause throughout the day to take in breaths knowing that the breaths are God in your life. Sometimes bringing just one new activity into my daily routine will remind me of my intention and bring that Peace into my life in this busy season, that Assurance that God is always there, and that Love that is always present supporting me.

Or sometimes I sit in silence and being in awe of God and all the blessings of this Universe.
I am so grateful you all are part of my life!

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