From the Board: Linda Williamson

In a recent Sunday message Reverend Jyoti talked about spiritual independence. So I thought I would start with a spiritual cleanse. Clear out the emotional cobwebs – judgement, criticism, self-criticism, regret, (you get the picture) and pray my way into a quiet, tranquil place with a clear and open heart. I do acknowledge that I have allowed some unsavory thoughts and feelings in, from time to time, that are not of the highest vibration, some intentional, some unintentional. Inner toxicity. Yuck. Oh, my!  I want to clear it away and I have a feeling it’s going be hard work.

So, I agree with myself to not put anything into my system (body, mind, heart) for 24 hours that is not of the highest vibration, completely and only Love & Light.

Now just to find the right 24 hours…..

Here is a starting prayer from the amazing author Debbie Ford (RIP)

Dear Powers of Goodness

Allow the sweet sound of a quiet mind to soothe my aching heart.

Allow any disease in my body or darkness in my thoughts to spontaneously transform into nectar for my soul.

Allow my anger, sadness, discontent, vanity, envy, jealousy and grief to dissolve instantly and rebirth as spiritual nourishment.

Allow the force of my intention to permeate my experience and reflect back to me the sweet nature of my deeper heart.

Let the voice of the Divine return me to my holiness.

Today I choose to shower myself with grace and blessings.

Today I choose to reclaim my holiness and be an inspiring expression of you.

You are my beloved and my beloved is me.

And together with you I say ‘And so it is and it is so’.

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