Creating Healthy Relationships

Are your relationships as rich and rewarding as you would like them to be? How about your relationship with your mother or father, brother or sister, son or daughter, or maybe yourself? We live in a world where relationships can be complicated and we can shift that belief.

I became a mentor for another practitioner last year at Mile Hi Church and started to notice how deep a relationship could be if we enter the relationship as equal partners. My belief when this relationship started was that we both had something equally as important to bring to the relationship that would help us both grow.

I started by listening to what my partner had to say using the filter, ‘what can I learn by listening to what is being said behind the words and how will this help me and us grow in ways we haven’t yet considered?’ When I did this and became very quiet, I moved into a space of expansion, love or what I call ‘God Space.’ That’s a place we each have access to and is inside each of us. From that place, our conversation shifted, and we created more safety from our authentic sharing.

The bottom line is I grew, he grew and what was supposed to be a 4 month program turned into a lifelong friendship where we talk every week to support us each in finding our own greatness and making a difference for all humanity. We are currently creating a workshop that will be offered sometime in September at Mile Hi Church for their mentor program. From there we will be offering a broader relationship workshop throughout Colorado and beyond. Think about how relationships can build bridges around the world. Are you interested?