Can you believe it’s August already? Is it just me, or do the months really go by quickly? But I do love August. I love being able to go out on the deck and pick tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini and herbs. And seeing the abundance that’s produced even in a few Earth Boxes on the deck is a constant reminder of Spirit’s givingness. When we do our part – planting the seeds – Spirit takes our seeds and grows them abundantly. Let’s all plant and nurture the seeds of our dreams!

For those who missed Dr. Dream and his Tibetan healing bowls, you may want to make a note to attend next July when we invite him back. It was powerful and healing to experience – not only the bowls, but the raw chocolate and the essential oils. What a blessing! This month, we’ll have another great event. Beth Williams will be our guest musician on Sunday, August 26th, and she’ll do a house concert at our house the night before. In addition to her fun and amazing music, we’ll have an “Appetizer Potluck”. The $20 ticket price will support Beth’s music and Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley. Seats are limited. There will be a sign-up sheet at church, or you can call me to reserve your place.

Thanks to all who so generously brought backpacks and school supplies in July. For our August Outreach, we’re collecting pet food. See info elsewhere in the newsletter or on the website or pick up a flyer at church.

This month’s theme is Spiritual Mind Treatment – The Form, so we’ll be focusing on the power of affirmative prayer, which encompasses all of the major principles of Science of Mind and Spirit. If you have stories about answered prayer you’d like to share, give me a call or text or email, OK? Some of us grew up in traditions where prayer meant begging a God ‘out there’ to magically intervene in our lives. Our teaching recognizes that since God is all there is, we are one with It. God is not only ‘out there’ but within us, closer than our hands and feet, closer than our breath. Because we are one with It, we use the same creative process in our individual lives as the Universe used to bring the stars and galaxies into being. This month we’ll explore that process and how we can effectively use it to create lives of health, abundance, peace and joy.

I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons as usual, (except August 9th, when Mary and I will be at SOAR, Center for Spiritual Living’s Summer Retreat in Park City, Utah) and other times by appointment. Feel free to call if you’d like to come in to chat or to pray, or if you have ideas or suggestions you’d like to share. Sunday mornings are often so busy that I don’t have as much time as I’d like with each of you!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings and at our other events, such as our monthly potluck. A couple of times a year, in the summer, we hold our monthly potluck at a private home, which is always fun. Our August Potluck will be at Carol & Mike Farrell’s beautiful home in Broomfield. We’ll have maps & directions on the lobby table on Sundays.

Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed, and you ARE a blessing! We are so blessed, and I am SO grateful.

Love, Reverend Jyoti