blueBugSqDespite beginning this writing under eight inches of snow, I’m feeling the coming of spring! The melting ice, the flowing water, the sap is rising unseen and unheard – but we know. Mother earth’s soil is thawing and drinking in the snowmelt and awakening and moving and opening. Ready to receive! Are you?

So, I urge you to pick out one momentarily bare, leafless tree, one you are able to see every day. Begin watching. This an easy, mindful little project. No notes, no homework, just observe. See the hopeful tiny buds. Soon the buds burst open. Keep watching. We may take for granted what’s coming, but still, keep watching. A tiny leaf appears, growing bigger. Before you know it, full on green, along with so many more gifts from a tree.

Feel the amazing power of your tree to respond and come fully awake and alive after winter’s rest. Notice, do you feel juicier and energized? Keep watching and know that you have that very same power within you to create. Isn’t that Divine?

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