Practitioner’s Corner: Jim Babcock, RScP

What is the space between all things? The space between buildings, the space between people, the space between molecules, the space between breathes, the space between thoughts, the space between moments; are they the same or different? What use could we have for spaces? There are many ways to look at this. I ask these questions to bring your awareness to a bigger idea of self.

Spaces are infinite yet confined by our beliefs. We use spaces to pause in the midst of chaos and find our way home. It is like a meditation when we shift from our thoughts to a place of stillness; a place of being.  Spaces contain the golden thread of life that connects everything everywhere. Spaces allow us to experience the infinite flow of the Divine in the places we never look.

Take love as an example. It’s easy to say we love everybody but in moments of conflict, anger, or blaming are we really experiencing love. The answer is yes and no. Yes, because we are children of God experiencing that Divine nature everywhere all the time and no because we are living this human experience not taking the time to pause and explore the spaces. As we step into these spaces, we experience expansion that allows for experiences not yet conceived by our human experience. The freedom we find in the spaces defines our humanity inside of our Divine self. In this example, all that is left is love. Try this experience as much as you can and tell me how you have changed and for now remember…

All there is, is God. Everywhere present all the time. We are all living examples of this. We grow, expand, become free, and become fully aware of our intrinsic connection to everything. I know we step into the spaces with great clarity shifting our beliefs to become one with the Divine flow of life ever expanding. This life is filled with love and compassion which creates a ripple in the experiences of everyone. From this awareness, gratitude overflows my being and washes though the known and unknown bringing God fully forth. Thank you God and so it is!

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