Our theme for the month is “Where Humanity and Divinity Meet.” Humanity and Divinity meet right where I am, right here where YOU are. Don’t you wish we all could have learned that as children?  Wouldn’t it be great if all kids were taught that at the center of their being there is a Love Intelligence that will always lead them and guide them and bless them? That our very life is God-life living in and through us?  That there’s a power for good in the universe greater than we are and that we can use It . . . and It can use us?  That there are no limits to what we can claim and express in our lives except those we place on ourselves?  OK, it’s not just kids that need to be reminded of that – it’s ALL of us!  I encourage you to take time each day to connect with the Divine Light that is within you, and to remember that it is in ALL people, even those with different religious or political beliefs, and those from other places and cultures.  We are all connected in the Oneness of the Divine.

In springtime, we see abundance all around us – rabbits, dandelions, crocuses, green popping up everywhere.  As you notice the abundance of life around you, please remember that it is within you also!  I claim prosperity in every area of your life – plenty to enjoy and to share!

It’s been a great month at CSL Boulder Valley – great music, great response to our Outreach projects, and great enthusiasm. Thanks to all in our choir that performed on Easter – you were GREAT!  And thanks to our wonderful Music Director, Karen Karsh, for providing such enthusiastic and inspiring music.

A handful of us were at the March for Our Lives in Longmont and it was good to see so many folks of all ages supporting responsible gun ownership and safety in our schools.  As an organization, one of our aims is to create a world that works for everyone, and for all of life.  It’s important for each of us to do the part we’re called to do, whether it’s prayers or writing to our elected leaders, or getting out there and marching.  What are YOU called to do?

As events and challenges arise in our world, I invite you to remember that we have amazing Practitioners available for spiritual guidance and support.  Whether it’s what’s going on in the news, in your family, in your health, or something to celebrate, remember that our Practitioners are here for you.

I won’t be in the office April 19th or 26th because Mary and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary on the beach in Sarasota. You’ll have some great speakers while I’m gone, though, so you won’t want to miss Sunday mornings.  Rev. Ann Thacker from LifePlay House is always a delight.  She’ll be at CSLBV on April 22nd, and then on April 29, Rev. Josh Reeves from Mile Hi will share his wisdom, humor, and inspiration.  We are so blessed.  There’s also some great music coming up this month as you’ll see elsewhere in the newsletter.

Life is good.  May this be a season of joy and prosperity for each of you!  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings!  Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed, and you ARE a blessing!

Love, Reverend Jyoti

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