Random thoughts in the New Year:

Leaving December behind and letting go of the old year, I remember that Santa Clause is about hope, generosity and reward for good behavior. Speaking of good behavior, did I ever cut anyone off in traffic with that ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker on my car…?

Acceptance. December 22 I said goodbye to my good dog Starla. She was most likely 18 years old and we were together for 15 years of that time. I do have my cats but upon entering the house, I was acutely aware of one less heartbeat in my home. I have been breathless with pain and grief through her transition while at the same time awed by memories of her non-stop unconditional love. “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life – like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?”  The six-year-old continued, “Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.”

I deeply enjoy our World Peace Meditation and marvel that we do it here every year on New Year’s Eve morning at 5:30am with millions of folks all around this planet at exactly the same time (with no regard for convenience of the meeting hour). Years ago it finally occurred to me that I must open and work for my own inner peace before I can command peace for the whole world! On 1/12 in this month’s SOM Guides magazine, I quote Rev. Dr. Margaret Stortz, “There are, for instance, great rages and dichotomies within ourselves which prevent peace from surfacing. There can be deep misunderstandings between groups of people that drive peace away. Peace is part of the Divine Nature and peace is also part of our natures.’ Sunday in service, Karen sang ‘Hate is never a hero, only Love will save the day. Let Love lead the way”. Peace to all beings, no exceptions. And that means no exceptions. I have to stay centered in my own inner peace and continue to do the work.

January is Black History month, unfortunately still controversial, and the MLK Jr. March in the midst of the current uncouth social climate. Before this turns in to a rant, I’ll just quote our Reverend Jyoti DeVernie “This breakdown will lead us to a breakthrough.” I believe that and am grateful for knowing this. We are Science of Minders, we believe in the strength of kindness and compassion above all things.

Thanks for letting me be of service.

Linda Williamson, CSL-BV BOT, Member-at-Large


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