Third Thursday Spiritual Forum. 
February 15, 2018; 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Spiritual Ecology has been defined as “A developing field that joins ecology and environmentalism with the awareness of the sacred within creation. Central to Spiritual Ecology is an understanding of the interdependence and living unity of the ecosystem.” In this Forum we will tap into what the messages are from our natural environment about our own lives. We will explore how we are a part of nature and not separate from it, and how what is being called for by Mother Nature directly relates to what is being called for in our own lives on our spiritual journey. This Forum will be both informative and experiential as we learn some information about the current state of our natural environment and then explore what that means for each of us individually and to all of us collectively. We will expand our awareness of our part in this evolving, interdependent ecosystem, both in terms of external actions and internal movement of consciousness.


Gregory Toole is Spiritual Director of Somseva, whose mission is to inspire authentic, compassionate relationships through spiritual education, tools, and practice that promote peacemaking and conscious action. He is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, whose vision is revealing a world that works for everyone. Gregory lives in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where sustainability is highly valued, including large amounts of open space being preserved. He spends much time in nature listening in to the voice of Mother Nature. He lives a simple life of joy, without indulging in the consumerism that can distract us personally and adversely impact the planet. Gregory has taught thousands of students, through his talks, blogs, and classes, to enjoy lives of mindfulness and reverence for all beings and our Mother Earth.


Third Thursday Spiritual Forums present mind-broadening and spirit-enriching spiritual topics, and are held at the Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley, 107 E. Geneseo St, Lafayette, CO ( Refreshments will be provided after the presentation. For further information about the forum, contact Dr. Jay Burch by phone (720-917-9303) or by email (