Practitioner Corner: Kathy Nunemaker, RScP

Spiritual Practice in Daily Life


When the world around you seems to be challenging your basic spiritual beliefs, it is time to re-visit what those belief are.  I found myself at this point a week ago. The news of the day was distressing in that much of the news was focused on who was disrespecting specific groups of people. Most of the talk was about separation and the apparent inability to talk and understand each other.  Then my computer lost most of the data from the last several years, my car seemed to be having problems and two friends were having health challenges.  My ego definitely took over and I could only see separation and limitation.  Questioning my core beliefs. I decided to use my spiritual practice of meditation. In meditation, I asked myself what did I really believe in?  Many answers came to tell me what I wasn’t sure of, but I kept asking the primary question, what am I sure of? The answer finally came: I  believe in the Oneness of the Universe. I believe that there is a creative source of All Life and from that source shows up in many expressions of the Oneness. My ego wanted to say, “but what about… “? I decided that I didn’t need to go further in this meditation. I could stop there and go on with my day. Of course the rest of that day and for several more days, the answer kept showing up.  My car was fine. I could do without the data on the computer. My friends were healing. And the news also talked about how people are getting together and helping each other and listening to each other. The Oneness shows up in so many ways. Spiritual Practice varies for each person.  It might be the meditation, prayer, reading or journaling. Whatever the method, it is the way to remember what you really believe in. Doing your spiritual practice daily helps keep you grounded in these core beliefs. Grounding in the Truth helps you deepen your roots. It helps you keep in touch with your vision. It is the transformation from Head-centered living to Heart-centered living.


I know that there is One Source, One Life, One Love; a Oneness that connects all life and expresses in many forms, expresses in all of life.

I Know that One Source is in and through every cell in my body and every thought, word  and action I have.  I know that this Truth is the Truth for all.  That the One Source is in and through all people.  That this One Source is expressing itself through all people and that this One Source is Spirit. I know that every person who reads this is divinely connected with the One Source and with everyone they meet.  I Know that every person who reads this is Divine Love and Divinely loved because Spirit is only Love.  I know that every person who reads this is worthy of this Love because they are the Divine expression. I know that the needs and desires of each person who reads this is already happening because they are creating their lives through the Divine.

I am so very grateful for being able to declare for everyone who is reading this, that they are Divinely inspired within the Divine Love of the Universe, Thank you, God!

I release these words into the universe knowing that they are already known and in action.

And so it is!

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