In the Science of Mind teaching, you may sometimes notice an emphasis placed on getting rid of the old to make way for the new. This concept makes sense, and is directly applicable, in many ways to our thought processes and patterns. Sometimes, we need to make a conscious effort to think a different thought than what might have come first to mind. We use affirmations, prayer and reminders to practice new thought patterns until they become ingrained habit – the natural response. A fresh way of seeing things can make a big difference.

As we approach the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, I have to ask you, have you cleaned out your mental closets? Good!

Now, let’s talk about those physical closets. Just like our minds, our physical surroundings can sometimes become cluttered with things that were once useful, but now are either worn out, broken, rusty or just plain outdated. Other things might still be perfectly good, but you find that you are not called to wear/use/display them. It’s time to make some room in your life for more good. It’s time to reduce, recycle, reclaim, reassign or repurpose all that stuff.

The process itself may not be pretty. At least in my own experience, the most effective way to clean out a closet is to first pile everything in the middle of the room. Then I go back into the closet with the stuff I definitely want to keep. Everything else goes out in the trash or in a box to be donated. The decisions are not always easy. And it takes TIME. But the results are worth it. All that breathing room! All that space! All those good vibes! Can you feel the gratitude?

Now, look through your donate box. Is there something in there that has value? Is there something in there that is artistic, unique, interesting, or still useful to someone who is the right size or has the time and skill to give it new life? Save it for the Silent Auction fundraiser that will benefit CSLBV this fall! You just never know who might be looking for exactly what you have to offer.

The Board of Trustees will be going through a similar exercise in June, as we undertake developing a strategic plan – a roadmap for going where we want to go, even as we step into being a bigger version of who we truly are. We will get to decide what we do that is still serving us. And what is not. What is ours to do now. And what is not. We will get to release some old stuff, and embrace some new stuff.

Because there is always something good to be found, something better to be experienced and something perfect to be revealed. And so it is!

Love and light,

Laura L. McGee, RScP
President, Board of Trustees

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