Practitioner’s Corner: Laura McGee

roseAs I relax completely into the wisdom, of the One, I allow myself to become completely and consciously aware of the Allness of It. Breathing in, I am aware that I am being breathed by the One Life. Attuning myself with direct and unchallenged faith to the One Mind, I bring my awareness to the Truth that it is everywhere, all the time. It is the infinite and eternal creator, that which created me, that which created the Universe. That which lives, breathes and creates in and through its creation is the One. It is what I call God. It is the only thing there is. It simply is.

Since there is only this One, and since I exist, I must be made in it. I must be made by it. I must be made of it. And I must be made as it. The logic is perfect and infallible. And that same Truth is evident in all of creation. Every individual, every being, every creature, every plant, every planet is made by the same Creator and One with all else that is. That is true for me. It is true for you. It is true, period, no matter the circumstance or appearance.

And so, enveloped by this Zen, I affirm that the essence of God runs through all of its creation. That which is born in the Mind of God exists first simply as an Idea, which is the spark that ignites and inspires. It grows in light and intensity, and exists in all of creation as that divine radiant presence. That constant radiant presence is a testament to God, the artist, and reflected in all of Creation, which is the art. I affirm that right here and right now, where ever I look, and whatever I sense, I see and sense the artistic work of the divine artist. I see and sense beauty. I see and sense balance. I see and sense joy. And it these things that are made manifest before me.

I give thanks. Praise to the Divine Artist and all of its Creation! I give thanks for the Art, its beauty, balance and joy. I give thanks for knowing this Truth. Gratitude washes over me and I am immersed in it.

Breathing deeply once again, I lovingly, completely, and with absolute Faith release these words. I know that the Law has been set into motion. I know that the Law has already acted upon this idea. It is so. I simply allow it to be. And so it is.


I am a work of art. I embody the radiant presence of the Divine Artist.

There is no idea that is outside the realm of possibility. I am divinely inspired to act. I am divinely inspired to create.

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