Greetings.  Our theme for May (within our 2017 theme of Values Based Spiritual Living) is Spiritual Living through Creativity, which is PERFECT for May.  I love that in May we get to be creative with planting – flowers and veggies and whatever else our heart desires!  Mary and I don’t have as much space to plant as we did in other places, but I am excited about learning even more about container gardening.  We’ll do tomatoes and cucumbers, and of course herbs and lots of flowers.  As we consider what to plant outside, we also have the opportunity to look at what seeds we’re planting inside, in our consciousness.  Our thoughts are like seeds that sprout and create the garden of our life.  This is a great time to weed out the thoughts that aren’t producing what we want and sow more thoughts of love, peace, joy, and creativity.  Happy planting!

I want to thank you all for your generous support of our Outreach projects, especially the food drives.  CSLBV has a team that volunteers at Sister Carmen Food Bank each week and we have seen firsthand how empty some of the shelves are at this time of year.  Luckily, we’re moving into a time where there are more food drives around town, so soon the shelves will be well stocked.  This month’s Outreach is PERFECT for our May theme of Creativity, since we’re supporting WOW – World of Wonder Children’s Museum by supplying fun things such as art & craft supplies and superhero capes.  Check out WOW’s wish list on the website or pick up a flyer on Sunday morning.

Bring the kids!  We have a great new person in the Children’s Room on Sunday mornings.  Candice Ortiz is fun and creative and is excited about working with our kiddos.

In May, I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons from 2:30-5:30, as usual.  I’m also in the office at other times by appointment.  Feel free to call if you’d like to come in to chat or to pray, or just to get to know each other better.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings!  Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!

Love, Rev. Jyoti

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