Dear Friends,

Can you believe that Spring is here already?  With Spring comes a fresh feeling of rebirth, growth, purpose and serenity.  I know that Truth about myself, and I know that Truth about our community.

Sometimes growth happens primarily under the surface of the soil at first, and then seemingly out of nowhere, a sprout emerges, reaching for the light and life that are the promise of a new season.

I think this makes a fitting metaphor for the growth of CSL Boulder Valley in this season right now.  The Board of Trustees, the Practitioners, and most particularly our magnificent minister, Jyoti and her sweet wife, Mary are powerhouses of consciousness who know exactly what to expect – the only question can (sometimes) be . . . when?

So when it comes to things like growing, moving, youth, equipment, and “home improvements,” please know in full faith that these things are happening right now.  And that as we undertake projects like these and others that enhance our current experience, so too, do we attract to our community more of the same, only better and better.

It’s a flawless system.

It is a personal tradition of mine – you might even call it an annual Spiritual Practice – that every Spring, when the world starts to awaken, tulip leaves sprout up out of the ground, trees bud and birds sing and everything just keeps getting greener and greener – I literally say out loud to myself, at least once or twice a day, in my best John Denver sounding voice:  “Far out!  I got to see it again!”

So when the answer to your “when?” reveals itself in the now, breathe deeply and sink in the knowingness and gratitude.  And then you can say to yourself “Far out!  I got to see it again!”

With great love and joy,

Laura L. McGee, RScP
President, Board of Trustees

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