From the Board: Laura McGee

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, January 29, we will hold our annual meeting after service, and we welcome all who wish to attend. We will discuss the proposed budget for 2017, which includes new line items related to teens and youth, as well as marketing. The Board of Trustees has purposely created a budget that is both realistic and fully immersed in a consciousness of growth and expansion.

We will also ask members to ratify the appointment of David LeNoble to the Board of Trustees to complete the remaining two-years of a three-year term, as well as re-elect Sandy Rinehart and Linda Williamson to new three-year terms.

And, we will review 2016 and all that we have accomplished on our community spiritual journey.

Please plan to join us.

Love and light,

Laura L. McGee, R.Sc.P
President, Board of Trustees

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