Earlier today, I went to the Muslim Jewish Alliance of Boulder’s 2nd Annual Meeting at the Islamic Center in Boulder. A Muslim woman named Paola, spoke about the importance of intention in the Muslim spiritual life and the importance of being present moment to moment with that Intention. She used the example of making soup which became a keyword for the rest of the meeting. Paola said, “Everything can be worship if intention is present”. She also talked about their belief that they reap what they sow”. Rabbi Mark spoke next and quoted the reading in the Torah of “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself, I am good”.

As they were talking, I was reminded of our Founder, Ernest Holmes talking about the Golden Thread that goes through every religion. These references that Paola and Rabbi Mark made relate to Ernest Holmes teaching that what you plant with your thoughts are expressed in your life. The power of thought. The power of word. That this word or intent that you put out into the world whether referring to yourself or another, comes back to you multiplied.

It is January and often it is the time we set our Intentions for the New Year. Often we think of our intentions being either what we would like to see different in our lives or maybe expanded in our lives. We think of finding a partner, or of expanding our business or finding a better job. We also might think about learning new ideas, taking classes, changing our focus in life. Some might want to get to a deeper spiritual level in our lives. Diving deeper into their spiritual lives, deeper into their awareness of God/Spirit and the Spiritual Principles. What is your intention for this year? If you have not thought of one yet, bring it into your meditation. Intentions seem to become apparent when the mind is quiet.

Wayne Dyer wrote, “Activating intention means rejoining your Source and becoming a modern-day sorcerer. Being a sorcerer means attaining the level of awareness where previously inconceivable things are available.”

A really nice part of an early morning meditation can be to set the intention for the day. It might involve what is planned and it might be that “I will follow God’s vision for me today”.

What is your intention for today? Setting your intention at the beginning of your day can be the greatest gift you give yourself and a wonderful gift you give your day.

Again, Wayne Dyer, “The all pervading energy of intention pulses through you toward your potential for a purposeful life”.


Today I am receptive to the Divine Wisdom and Divine Guidance of the Universe.


Breathing in the absolute knowing that Spirit is everywhere, in every activity, every place and every person. There is no place that Spirit is not. The beautiful snowfall, the crisp air in the morning, the bare trees, the person I pass as I walk; and Spirit is deep inside of me, guiding me always. Spirit is part of everyone who is reading this prayer and Spirit is in everyone in this community and around the world. There is no place that Spirit is not.
And knowing this truth I also know that Spirit is the Divine Guide, the Divine Wisdom and the Divine Love that is always there. I know that the words that I speak come back to me multiplied. That the Law of the Divine takes all words and brings these words into manifestation in the life of the person who said them. I know that Intentions that are spoken for the day are realized as are the Intentions for the year and for the life of the person who speaks them. I know that Intentions are powerful thoughts since they are the thoughts that guide us. I know that speaking our words plant them into the Divine Law and they grow and become a part of our lives.

I am so grateful for knowing this Truth and being able to express this Truth. I am grateful for being able to speak of Intentions and I am grateful for CSL Boulder Valley as it is a beacon of light and love for the community and as it serves those in the community with openness and acceptance and love for all those who come in contact with CSLBV.

I now release these words and say, And So It Is.