From My Heart: Reverend Jyoti

Greetings.  Are you ready for the best year yet?  Are you willing to let go of any preconceived notions of what this year will bring and open to your greatest abundance and magnificence?  The past year has been one of change, and it looks as if 2017 will bring even more change – in our country and in the world.  What an amazing time we have chosen to be alive on Planet Earth!  As we navigate the changes, I pray it is with love, compassion, and a striving toward the Unity that is our spiritual truth.

The Center for Spiritual Living movement-wide theme for 2017 is Values-Based Spiritual Living. As we explore the values of our worldwide spiritual organization together in 2017, it is my hope that you will get clarity on your own values, integrate them more strongly into your thoughts, allow them to shape your words and actions, and experience your best year yet.

For many years in our movement, the month of January has been a return to the basics of our teaching. Using The Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes, we’ll study the first four chapters as a way of getting back to basics: The Thing Itself, The Way it Works, What it Does, How to Use It.  Whether you’re new to the teaching or have been studying The Science of Mind for years, this is a GREAT time to deepen into the teachings and up-level your life.

Special thanks to all those who made our Christmas Candlelight Service so beautiful and sacred.  I am SO BLESSED to be part of this spiritual community!  Thanks for making my heart sing!

We’ll have some amazing musicians at Center for Spiritual Living this month.  In addition to Karen Karsh and Natalie Ottobrino (who are both always amazing!), we’ll have Robert Anderson here on January 8th (Bring a Friend Sunday) and Jana Stanfield on January 22nd.  We are blessed!

The much-loved Rev. Jody Stevenson will offer a class, Age-ing to Sage-ing, starting January 17.  Read more about it.  It will be followed by a CSL Certificated class in March.  Stay tuned.

In response to congregant interest, we have a new section in our newsletter – Social Responsibility.  In addition to our monthly Outreach projects, we’ll be sharing events and opportunities to walk our talk by participating where our hearts are called to serve.  Let me know what you think, OK?

Know that as we journey into 2017 together, you are surrounded by my love and prayers.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings!

Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!

Love, Rev. Jyoti

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