tooleA workshop that brings Science of Mind principles  together with maxims for effective communication. 

Often in relationships, we begin to work on our communication skills when problems arise. We ask ourselves, how do I remain in alignment with spiritual principles, speaking lovingly and compassionately, and at the same time, speaking clearly, honestly, and authentically? How do I say what needs to be said, without blaming, shaming, or otherwise projecting my “stuff” onto others?

With Rev. Gregory Toole
When: Sunday, August 13, 12-3 pm
Cost: Love Offering

Here is what you can expect to gain:

  • Learn how to frame difficult conversations in the most heart-connecting way so that each person leaves feeling heard rather than shutdown.
  • Receive tools for navigating your own triggers so that, rather than sabotaging relationships, you create bridges.
  • Gain practice communicating both powerfully and compassionately so that you and others get their needs met.

Gregory Tool is spiritual director of Somseva, whose mission is to inspire authentic, compassionate relationships through spiritual education, tools, and practice that promote peacemaking and conscious action.

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