Recently, I caught up with a friend of mine. Her life has been one of struggle over the years, and yet when she approached, I saw a definite change. She smiled big. Her walk more confident. She felt bright, full of energy.

Curiosity had me. I wanted to know more.

When I asked, she told me, ‘I’ve got so much good happening all around me. New possibilities in my life that will bring me experiences so different than my life has been. I’m so excited but I question if I’m enough. Will I have the courage and strength to become someone I’ve always wanted to be? To finally have the life I’ve always wanted?’

As she questioned, I watched the excitement drain out of her and her radiant energy become shadowed in doubt.

Her life is changing dramatically – with a surgery correcting her vision giving her new sight and, really a new way of living. She’ll be able to drive. See people, details like blades of grass, enjoy colors like she’s never seen in 20+ years.

She’s asked for this miracle, this life. In her prayers. In her meditation. In her journaling.

Though even in the excitement and wonder, she’s fearful of losing the identity of who she’s believed herself to be and releasing who she’s been.

She’s walking into the unknown. A new frontier. A very scary place to be.

Why would my friend doubt … why do any of us doubt … who we are meant to be?

I am reminded of the famous Marianne Williamson’s quote on our deepest fear and the question she asks … “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? ... We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.”

She’s not just talking about the successful golfer. Or the billionaire funding medical research to cure diseases.

It means you and I are meant to be everything we’ve ever dreamed – rich, famous, healthy, joyful, loved and loving.

The quote says nothing about eking by… with only enough love, money, experiences, friendships, joy, or happiness for an ok life.

It says you are meant to express life, God, Spirit, and do it abundantly.

Abundance is our natural state. Your birthright. God did not put you on this earth to be or have “just enough”.

Now is the time to claim your divine inheritance – in whatever form it looks like for you.

Imagine A Larger Life

What I love about the Science of Mind and Spirit teachings is we have tools to change our life.

Classes like Principles of Financial Freedom, or our Foundations class. In them, we learn and practice how releasing old thought patterns and using our imagination to visualize a larger life can and does manifest great and lasting transformations.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “true imagination is not fanciful daydreaming; it is fire from heaven.”

Our imagination can be our greatest advocate or our worst enemy.

If your life isn’t where you want it to be, why not ignite the fire from heaven and imagine a larger version?

Feel It and Be It

Right now, I’m doing a spiritual practice of ten minutes of a focused feeling meditation.

Now the meditation is simple.

I’m meditating on the life I would love.

Closing my eyes, I feel how it would be to live in the house of my imagination. The breeze coming in. The smell of the air. The warmth of the sun. The joy and happiness of family. The love I feel with my beloved by my side.

Energizing this vision gives it the fuel – the fire from heaven – to become the experience of my life. I feel it as already happening.

Not once do I wonder how it will happen.

Neville Goddard, new though teacher and master manifestor taught, If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.”

Are you ready to let go of being enough and step boldly and courageously into your greatness?

Just imagine (and feel) who you could be.

Loralei Matisse, RScP