The snowy weather goddess did not cooperate with our 2nd Wednesday Spiritual Movie Nights in March and April. Both were snowed out, so we all stayed home, warm and safe. We’ll see what May brings. You never know! Current happenings at the center, coming up 3rd Thursday Spiritual Forum 4/18; new and ongoing on 4th Wednesdays Spiritual Uplift Ministry (SUM) 4/24 & 5/22 discussing gun responsibility and healing violence, topics will change quarterly. And of course, Easter. It will be a very special service. The topic is Releasing What Binds Us. See you there!

We (ministers, BOT, practitioners) are asking you to consider being on a twice monthly visioning ‘team’. We’re growing because of you! Please consider and commit to visioning for the next larger space, perfect, comfy and warm for CSLBV. If this is important to you, and we know it is, we need you on this visioning team to make our next move happen.

Daffodils! Birth and Rebirth. Prayer and Meditation. Spring last year I asked you to follow your favorite tree budding out and becoming juicy and green and full of life. Its always good practice to observe, be brave and ask the important questions and then get quiet and listen for the answers.

Please check the website for more exciting and interesting classes and workshops. And as always if you have questions, answers, ideas please talk to Rev. Jyoti, Rev. Lea, Practitioners and Board of Trustees members, listed below.

Love & Light
Linda Williamson
Board Secretary