I am aware that my “Unconscious Invitations” or my misaligned, unconscious thinking and beliefs of lack or fear had resulted in “unconsciously inviting” exactly more of those same experiences, but I was a shocked that it is hypothesized that eighty percent of all accidents are “unconsciously invited”! That being said, I know when I am so absolutely anchored in Faith and operate from a place of having the Faith of God on an unconscious level, all seems to go much better and with a bit of magic thrown in too!!

It is a good reminder that we unconsciously invite much of our negative experience. We should actively practice having a positive, “Intentional” consciousness that keeps us in such a place of Faith that we undeniably know that God is operating for our highest and greatest good at all times, in all experiences, no matter what the appearance or condition. AND that we can positively direct our experiences through spiritual practices. I had not read before that Holmes states we need to hold “the clear picture of what is wanted and impress it on the mind as an accomplished fact”… and that “fifteen minutes, twice each day, is time enough to spend in order to demonstrate anything” (from Essential Ernest).

We should learn to give ourselves “sacred space and time” in which we contemplate the great Masters, to meditate and feel, hear and see what Spirit within is wanting for our greater evolution. I believe in giving myself as much time in nature as possible to drink in God’s presence as God really shines in Divine Abundance, Beauty, and Magnificence in nature for me.

As we develop and trust our intuition and the Faith OF God, we give ourselves sacred permission to be all that we wish to be, and as we do that the synchronicities or miracles keep occurring that lead us to greater and greater self-realization of our True Divinity, of our being OF God.

I desire to keep an active consciousness of not seeing the negative in anyone or any experience, but look for the Gifts, the Good, and God in each person and experience. Discard the negative judgments and criticism, and feel and know the Divine perfection in all things. As much as possible, turn from the conditions and hold the Intention to see the positives, to be in gratitude for all the things that I have or that are happening around me. Gratitude is one of the surest ways to open the flood gates of the Law of Attraction to work in my life, so holding that “Attitude of Gratitude” at all times and actively counting my blessings twice a day is a wonderful practice. Actively visualize what I want to experience in my life, putting as much color, senses, feeling, and warmth to those “Mental Equivalents”. Know in my Treatments that what I am holding to be True has already manifested, as what is held in my mind is held in the One Mind! I repeat often “God is my Source and I can let go and let God” whenever I get into the “pushing mode” or fear, anxiety, feeling unworthy. Surrendering any fear or anxiety to God, knowing “God has this” and “no problem is too big for God” is a wonderful way to return to that peaceful, harmonious state of mind and being.

So active, conscious, intentional living is MINE!! And so it is…
Laurie Lee, RScP